The Keyboard That Honestly Changed My Life (Logitech MX Keys Review)

The Keyboard That Honestly Changed My Life (Logitech MX Keys Review)

If you asked me to describe my life in one sentence it would probably be „I sure type a lot“. I write code, I work on this website here, I write programming posts over on Medium and whenever I can get the work I also do freelance writing gigs.

To describe the feeling of finding a keyboard that is just right for me would be hard to put into words, but it’s honestly one of the most amazing things I know. And yes, that includes the otherwise so highly regarded interfacing process between two humans, feeling a quality keyboard under your finger tips feels just as nice as massaging sk1n with them.

For years now, I used to be a fan of mechanical keyboards, but not exactly a promoter of them. I know they are nice to type on, but I also know how insanely annoying they are for everyone around you, and I wouldn’t wish a mechanical keyboard on anyone working in an open office space.

But to describe how good the Logitech MX Keys actually is might be easiest by saying that I have actually become a vocal supporter of it in my local circles, and I have convinced a number of friends and coworkers to try it out, and ultimately buy it for themselves. It’s really that good a thing.

I shall get to why that is in a moment, but one thing that I want to add is that when I quit my programming job and had to turn in my MX Keys (and the MX Master mouse that pairs nicely with it) the very first thing I did on my way home was to go into the nearest electronics chain store and buy a set with my own money.

The typing experience is nothing short of sublime

Arguably the most important part about a keyboard is the typing experience, no? That was the main reason why I stuck with mechanical keyboards for so long, when you type a lot of words you’ll quickly learn just how shoddy your average keyboard is compared to a good one.

To then suddenly find a keyboard that has flat keys, but somehow the same great tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard turned out a massive surprise to me, and a huge productivity booster. Not just at work, but also at home, because I can easily type for hours on this thing, without even annoying anyone sitting next to me. If anything, this sort of typing noise is actually relaxing, because it doesn’t rip you from your thoughts.

To type on this keyboard is amazing for a variety of reasons, the first one being the actual keys. They have a slight indent to them and the fingers fit perfectly on the keys, unlike with some keyboards that are made with large gaps between the keys or keys so high that your fingers often find the middle between two keys. Not so here.

Then, you get the key travel that to me feels just right. Some mechanical keyboards actually have too much key travel for my liking, and almost every other flat keyboard has too little.

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And then, as a last one and probably my favorite: The keys do not wobble even the fraction of a milimeter. A bunch of keyboards don’t just have downward travel, but also sideways travel of the keys, and it bugs me.

The keyboard is heavy

You never know how good a „heavy“ keyboard is until you try one that does not slide around on your desk. I say „heavy“ because you can absolutely carry it everywhere without issues, I bring it with me to and from work every single day that I commute to the office – no problemo. But once you sit it down, the keyboard becomes almost glued to the desk, it is physically hard to push it around. I believe that comes from the battery, but they might just have added added weights as well, I can’t quite tell. It’s pretty damn good is all I know.

It’s damn practical

You never realize how much R&D can go into seemingly simple things, until someone has mastered it. And Logitech has in fact mastered things with the MX Keys keyboard, you get literally everything and more. Backlit keys, with a setting to choose the brightness level. Three keys that let you switch seamlessly between three devices, I love this feature so much. My work computer, tablet, home laptop, they are all on my desk and I can use them with just the press of a button, no issues or cable mess.

Speaking of cables, the MX Keys is wireless and has a battery run time of yes. I charge it once every blue moon, and I have never had connection issues.

You get all your regular FN keys, plus the FN-Esc combination to switch between the FN and the F keys as the main row of keys depending on which you prefer. I like this feature a lot, because it always bugged me when I had a keyboard that messed around with this to my disliking. Oh, and the FN key is out of the way in the right, not replacing the Control or Windows key like some stupid designs do (I’m looking at you, otherwise great Lenovo!).

The build quality is sturdy and perfectly suited for simply tossing it in my bag, mine doesn’t even have a scratch after almost half a year of using and carrying it around.

Takeaway: I can not find a flaw with the MX Keys

It has been quite some time since I have found any kind of new technology exciting. A new phone’s just a phone, I stopped seeing a difference between them years ago. Computers are great and I love the one I have at work and at home, but if you gave me one from five years ago it could still run the things I want from it.

But this keyboard came out of nowhere for me when I got a chance to try it out at work, and I have been a convert and a preacher since.



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