Slightly Unique Income Streams You May Not Have Heard Of So Far

Slightly Unique Income Streams You May Not Have Heard Of So Far

I bet you are a little tired of reading through posts on how to earn money and then they are all the same. I know I was tired of them a year ago and it has not gotten any better since – so today I want to talk about some unique side hustles that I have either tried myself or stumbled across along the way. I hope you dig.

3D rendering

3D art is a huge field with lots of job opportunities – but also a vast desert of enthusiasts who don’t know what to do with their skills. However that does not mean there aren’t options for us hobbyists, let me show you three ones that I actually tried:

  • Using DAZ Studio to render artwork for visual novels (usually adult themes, that is where the money is here). I just got paid 500$ in September doing render artwork, but I found I committed too much time despite the solid pay check and so I won’t be doing that much longer.
  • Animations, you can either go with adult again (that’s a huge, huge market that is easy to break into) or you can go the more highbrow way and make something like optical illusion animations and host them on YouTube or promote them on Instagram.
  • Not necessarily pure 3D, but take a look at speed level building videos on YouTube. There are some people who are really successful using the free Unreal Engine to create cool levels (sometimes even with free asset packs) and it’s very relaxing to watch.

Story narration

I stumbled over this one by accident a while back but it’s a pretty cool niche. The most prominent one that I found are both popular on YouTube:

  • Narrated events and battles from history (for example the armchair historian)
  • Narrated horror stories (for example Mr. Creeps / nosleep)

And then, of course there is the whole world of audio books and even some sites that pay you a commission for doing one. I have not personally tried any of these (if you watch my YouTube videos you’ll notice I don’t have a radio voice) – but I can see them definitely working for some people so it might be worth checking out.

Tumblr networks

Now this one has a special place in my heart because during my apprenticeship I made more money in the evenings than I made during the day by running a network of monetized Tumblr blogs.

The base method still works just fine, but Tumblr now thinks of itself as a family friendly business and so my whole network was lost in the tumblocalypse of 2018 and I never really bothered rebuilding with SFW blogs.

That’s not to say though that you can’t make some great side cash on here, some people monetize directly with ads and others simply link back to their own websites or even to Instagram. You can even find platforms that allow people to pay for shoutouts and helping to grow a channel, for how much potential Tumblr has it is pretty unknown in the world of side gigs.

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All you need is a popular Tumblr blog and that is possible without having any own content at all – the power of curation. Just create something like „snowy winter pictures“ or something else (fall and winter mood boards always work well) and watch it grow. At worst you’ll have some fun reblogging cute pictures of woollen socks and burning stove fires.

Written „adult entertainment“ stories

This one used to be a pretty huge deal when Amazon first allowed anyone to publish their own e-books – what a time that was to be alive. I financed my first scooter writing naughty little tales – and my internet-educated self who lacked any kind of meaningful real-life-experience still somehow managed to produce readable, even complimented works.

I still think that my success then mostly came from being able to write full, coherent sentences and string a story together – if you look through the available offerings you’ll see that is not always the case.

Today times have changed from back then, but not drastically, it’s just that Amazon’s payment model now favors longer stories so people usually write long-form romance or bundle together a set of smaller stories.


And now, to end this already long post I have another one for you that I think most people don’t connect with money making. However, you might not be aware of how much potential there is in webcomics – there are people who make tens of thousands a month and a good few who make a solid living.

Even I, as a complete noob who still can’t draw once had a webcomic that I removed by now, that was shoddily drawn and had like 20 posts – and it still made between 30 and 50 bucks. That is not bad considering how little I worked on that and how bad it really was – if you can draw and even think of a couple funny ideas you can promote easily through Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr and twitter and it’s just a question of time and consistent quality to grow.

Summary: I hope you learned a cool side hustle or two today

None of these are really talked about much in the usual posts, so I hope I could share some insights for anyone who’s on the lookout for a side hustle with actual potential and that isn’t so cookie-cutter like most posts on the topic.

Let me know what you think and of course if you have other unique side hustles then I would love to hear about them as well!



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