Sell File-Based Services To Anyone In 10 Minutes

Sell File-Based Services To Anyone In 10 Minutes

If you think about ways to help someone you can often time find easy solutions to their complicated problems. However, most of the time it won’t be worth your time to write a script, debug it, install it on their machines, debug again and so on.

Any attempt to make a script work for a friend, client, family member will result in a lot of overhead and frankly it will be a hassle on your end and make you look stupid on their end.

What if, however we could just not go through that trouble and find a much simpler solution where everything is under your control?

I won’t leave you waiting

The idea here is so simple that it takes literally ten minutes to set this up. We will be using a shared Google Drive folder that is synched to your local machine. You send them the link to your folder, they start uploading files. You have a script running on your local machine that reacts to any new files inside that folder and then does whatever it does, then copies the finished files to a subfolder called „finished“ or something like that. Google Drive synchs the files back and they can access it.

This costs literally nothing, takes ten minutes to set up and the most important part is that it leaves everything under your control. Let us take a closer look at the huge benefits of this method.

You have everything under control

The most common errors of your script won’t even be program issues, most tasks are relatively easy and not very complex. But there are so many overhead issues:

  • Your operating system is different from theirs
  • You have a python installation and everything works, but you would need to compile as .exe or install Python on their machines. Good luck debugging a Python installation on someone else’s system and then trust they don’t fuck it up.
  • You need to teach the client how to use and install a tool, how to configure it.
  • You won’t get error messages or log files, alerts and monitoring. Who is to say that everything works?
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With this method however you have direct access to everything and can do a lot of cool things:

  • You can set up monitoring and error alerts
  • You can immediately start debugging when something goes wrong
  • You have full control over the version of Python, you only need the installation hassle once no matter how many clients you supply.

The actual code you need is just five lines long

while 1==1:
  for f in os.listdir('synched_folder'):
    if '.filetype' in f:
        shutil.move(old_path, os.path.combine(old_path,'finished'))



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