Income And Progress Report September 2020

Income And Progress Report September 2020

This is the first of what I hope to be a long, frequent series of posts as I make my way towards moderate financial freedom – and you can join me on my journey to stay up to date on my efforts.

My intention here is to be a hundred percent transparent with my progress, successes and setbacks and I believe this can be really interesting both short-term and in retrospect as we look back on where I came from.

Total income: Exactly 555$, aka „I made rent this month“

This month I made at least my rent – barely but still. That’s a solid sum of money for side gigs, of course there will be taxes at the end of the year cutting into those earnings but for now I’ll just tell the sweet lie to myself that I covered my whole rent.

I live in a cheap two-room apartment that costs me 389$ with all utilities included – part of my game plan for the upcoming year is to stay in place and really enjoy the benefits of this cheap rent. Or if I do move I want to stay in the same price category – this rent is a real game changer for my plans and life.

The money came from three different sources:

  • An old YouTube channel about magnetfishing that used to be kind of a big deal, but was outlawed where I live sadly. Still, I made 36$ this month from ad revenue and more importantly Amazon affiliate links. It’s a dead end though, as much as it pains me I won’t be able to work on this channel anymore.
  • Medium writing paid me 219$
  • And lastly I started a sweet gig where I do 3D rendering work for a guy running a successful game – bringing in 300$ this month. I’m still torn on this gig for now, it consumes a lot of my time so I might not be doing this indefinitely – but it’s also kind of cool as a hobby and I might be able to write a piece or two about it since it’s a kind of unique way to earn money.

So in total those income streams are already pretty sweet and show that my concept is working – but I want to pour a lot more effort into them and others and create a diversified network of multiple revenue streams. You can tag along for the ride and see where this road leads me. So let’s talk more about what I actually did in non-monetary progress this month.

What I did this month: A lot

It’s been an interesting month in a devastating year, I sincerely can’t wait for 2020 to be over. What a mess of a year, but I digress. September has been one of the first months that I feel hopefuly about the future even though it will certainly be a rocky road.

So this month was mostly setup and cleanup for me, in detail I did the following:

  • I set up this website that I already started tinkering with a while ago, but then never really found a concept for. That’s the problem with „how is this domain name still free, let me fetch my wallet“. At the time I did not have a concept for the site because I did not feel free, nor did I have a real plan on how to get there. Both of these kind of changed now so here we are, embarking on an interesting journey.
  • I started writing on Medium again, though not yet to the same success that I had in May and June where I earned a sweet thousand bucks each after two of my posts went through the roof. Those were fun months and they afforded me my motorcycle license and my cute little scooter – so I’d definitely like to get back into those realms.
  • I cleaned up my Github page and poured a lot of work into a python-based website CMS that a) is great fun and b) makes for a nice portfolio project once I throw myself into the job application misery.
  • I started applying for writing gigs in the tech space (here’s a great repository of sites that pay writers) – and chances are pretty good that I already landed a pretty sweet gig. I’ll share more on that as soon as that is on solid footing, it’s an opportunity I’m very excited about.
  • I set up a trello board for myself that I will use to keep track of these multiple projects.
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My goals for October

I will keep this short, the post is already getting a bit long:

  • I want to make at least the same 200$ on Medium again, ideally write more, better posts and increase that revenue stream – it’s actually one of the most enjoyable things in my life right now to sit down and write something after a hard day at work.
  • I want to secure that writing gig I talked about, as I type this it’s pretty solid and I’m confident I’ll get it eventually – but I still need to pass a writing test and so it’s not certain yet. But that could in fact pay my rent on its own – so naturally I’m excited about this opportunity.
  • I want to start working on this site for real, currently I’m still in the idea collection state. Also nobody will read this progress report as I publish it, but hopefully you will at some point after scrolling back through my following ones in the coming months. My goal is to publish at least four posts so that the site actually has content up for anyone who might stumble across it.
  • I also want to get started on the tech YouTube channel, finish setting everything up and record at least the first real video.

That’s it, I hope to see you back next month!

Thanks for reading this far, if you want to learn more about this website and tag along on my journey towards financial freedom I want to invite you to check back next month – maybe you’ll even want to leave me your email down below and I’ll send you a reminder this time next month on how my story progressed.

Have a nice day!



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