I just got fired! Income And Progress Report October 2020

I just got fired! Income And Progress Report October 2020

October is always the best month of the year for me: It’s my birthdday, the cozy autumn days and fall colors and the steaming mugs of tea bring peace to my mind. And this year I can even add finally fired to the mix of great things to happen.

Now let me explain, this may not sound like a good thing to most people – but I just got a nice, unexpected soft-exit from my current company after the system I maintain will be phased out some time next year and they were forced to offer me a severance check that I took with a smiling and a crying eye, but still without so much as a second thought.

That news came a mere month after I nearly quit on my own terms (Covid put a stop to new hires though) – and now suddenly between severance pay, my own savings and the liquidation of my company investments I can sustain myself for a pretty long time. Add to that how I just moved out into the sticks where life is fun and costs are low – yes, I’m actually happy to be fired.

Now that I have signed the papers and know all the facts I can finally start this journey for real. Come March I will have to find a new job, but ideally I will by then already have a fair amount of work lined up on the side to sustain myself and pay for rent and food with my own side income – how sweet would it be to take on an enjoyable job and pour every penny of that into savings?

I will do a proper writeup for the kickoff to this journey – but today I want to share how I’m already making good progress and believe it can work out to the point where I can sustain myself sometime in 2021.

You can read last month’s post here if you want to follow the journey from the beginning, now let me show you what I did in October.

October income: 826$

For being just two months into this journey I’m really happy with how I’m pulling in some pretty solid cash – it gives me hope for this whole project. But I can already tell that things will take a strong dip next month after I quit working on the 3D rendering gig that I had for the past three months.

3D rendering for a popular visual novel project: 400$

I already mentioned this last month, but in case you did not read that I did a lot of 3D render „artwork“ of the unsavory kind for a popular visual novel project that’s pulling in thousands of dollars each month through Patreon.

The money was nice, but the whole gig ended up consuming way too much of my time and headspace. I also got kind of fed up of rendering naked pixels much quicker than I expected, combined with a guy who was strangely perfectionist about things that really don’t matter because they aren’t even in the final frame.

This ended up being a replication of the time-waste that are most meetings at work – and I really had more than my fair share of those lately. But just so you know this is a real kind of work that is out there, pays, likely can be even better than my experience ended up being and I have a good plan to work on my own visual novel at some point. Maybe even during the winter.

Medium Articles earned me 426$ in October (and counting)

I reached and surpassed last month’s goal of making another 200$ with articles on Medium – I was on a pretty solid track to get there with day-to-day trickle-down earnings when at the 24th one of my posts suddenly started to take off.

Obviously this is not something I can do all the time – else the rest of the month would not look that flat – but Medium articles do keep earning over time and even that flat line equates to about 200$ before that post took off.

I have in the past written two other articles that went through the roof in May and June, both of them earning a solid 1k each – that is nothing to scoff at! So I will keep writing on Medium for sure, it’s been one of my most enjoyable ways to ever earn money over the course of my life.

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This website earned me 4 cents!

I consider this a proof of concept and probably the most rewarding four cents I have ever earned – I had so much fun building the layout, writing the posts and doing all the setup work.

As of right now this page hardly gets any visitors at all, only a handful of people visited the site (I assume by accident) – and only now that I linked it on my medium profile page am I seeing a couple stray visitors coming to visit my realms.

Obviously I will need to pour a lot more time and effort into this site to turn it into a nifty little place that people come to and draw something from – but I’m committed to it and I hope y’all enjoy your stay here.

I scored a freelance writing gig!

I can not yet add this to the list of earnings since I haven’t been paid yet, but I’m almost through with the whole setup and onboarding process for a pretty fascinating site that could turn into recurring monthly work – enjoyable at that.

Non-monetary progJune

Not all progress this month related directly to money – so here are some other updates on things I worked on this month.

I automated my content creation pipeline

If this sounds a little fancy and like you’re about to complete the buzzword bingo for the day: Whenever I add a card to my trello board my pipeline automatically creates folders and files inside my Github repository that I use for writing.

This may sound small, but it actually saves me a lot of time. On every post that I set up this saves me ten minutes – of menial, useless setup work. Since that is automated I can now start writing, organize my files, images, shift the whole folder from backlog to work-in-progress and then to finished and uploaded – so much structure!

This is honestly a huge time saver and between Medium, WordPress and e-book projects I do a whole lot of writing.

I wrote an e-book!

I just finished the first edition of a really fun project – reviving my old business of selling erotic e-books on Amazon with banging the banshee that the discerning reader can find here for your viewing and reading pleasure. Viewer discretion discouraged, tell all your friends about it!

I set up a webcomic

Does it feel like I’m tackling too many projects already? Well, it’s also time to finally teach myself how to draw and build on what I learned from an old, quickly abandoned project I once started – which then somehow ended up making me 30-50$ a month pretty consistently despite being absolutely horrible.

I dubbed the new, much improved one inadequateink.com and after just five hours managed to hack together the first page. It looks surprisingly good considering that I never feel so inadequate as when I’m forced to draw something – I really want to learn how to enjoy this.

I’ve done worse in the past!

Summary: What a crazy month

Looking back at the past month I am honestly surprised how much stuff I pulled off, set up, worked on – and somehow I still had time to work hard one last time on that major project, met with friends, explored nature.

This year has really been crazy with the way time bent in either direction, it simultaneously feels like it’s dragging on forever and at the same time I can’t believe it’s October already.

My goals for the next month are simple:

  • Earn 200$ on medium again, this seems like an achievable base line and then of course I’ll try hard to write more, earn more.
  • Finalize that freelance writing gig (and hopefully find another interesting one)
  • Draw one comic page each week
  • Start working on this site and promoting it. I had to hold back in that regard before I signed the documents, but now everything is signed and rubberstamped so I know what’s what.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you back next month for the third instalment of these monthly progress reports! Also feel free to surf around the rest of the site, I can recommend these posts:



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