Coasting Through Life By The Coast

Coasting Through Life By The Coast

The last two years have been good to me, apart from the whole pandemic thing. I moved out to the coast, thanks to being one of the lucky people who can work remotely for most of the week.

Just in general, I finally found my way back into a simpler life, much more in line with the way I grew up and long wanted to live like again.

So, with the new year coming around, I want to „kick off“ a journey of making it through a clear plateau phase, after a decade of working hard to get here, and two years of slowly adapting to a slower life. It will be fun, that much is sure.

Plateauing is not stagnating

I find it important to note that stagnation is the number one nightmare for me – and I doubt that fate will befall me. I have too busy a mind to keep it quiet for long, and while I plan to take some steps forward, my main focus this year is to maintain the life I worked hard for in the past few years.

I want to keep my job and apartment

After quitting my increasingly chaotic programming job about a year ago, I now work at a much better place, get more money and better overall working conditions – no more weekends spent working, yeay!

I also live in an apartment that is just the right size for me, having two rooms plus all the amenities I need or want. It is cheap and still nice, I really see no reason to move out here, not for a long time. I am also adamant that owning property makes no sense in the current conditions, I can live here for 42 years before breaking even on just the purchase cost of a cheap house – before you factor in all the overhead cost of owning and maintaining a house. Plus, the locational freedom of not being weighed down by a mortgage – it’s really a no-brainer for me.

As long as I keep living here, and keep working there, I make automatic progress every single month, I honestly can’t even spend my money as quickly as it replenishes this way – not without making major mistakes.

So that is the main portion of the plateau phase, keeping the main pillars of my simple and yet somehow involved life intact, for at least another year. At that point, I should have enough money to honestly do what I want, and coast my way to retirement as long as I keep some kind of job, no matter how well it pays. That, to me, is bigger freedom than the idea of actually retiring, I don’t much care for that thought.

I don’t want to buy things next year

As I write this story, I have everything I need, and 95% of the things I want. There are, of course, some minor things left, but I could not tell you a single thing I honestly lack in life. I have friends, a job, hobbies and passions, a cute adventure car that should last me a few more years, and a reasonable workshop and tool collection in my basement. I even have a nice laptop to write this article on – what more does a guy want?

So, outside of replenishable supplies and the occasional thing making my life easier, I really don’t want to buy anything next year. We will see how that goes.

Assuming the pandemic ends, I’ll start a flea market business

I once had a good thing going with a magnet fishing hobby that fuelled my scrap art hobby, which I then sold at flea markets. I want to get back to that, it has always been one of the best hobbies to occupy my mind and time, and get me outside. Add a camera and a YouTube channel to that, and I have a great hobby that will keep me busy, and happy. But right now, there is a global pandemic going on, flea markets are closed, and most importantly it is winter so I can’t toss magnets into rivers and pull out scrap.

But those things will all come to an end, and then maybe we can revert to real life again. Flea market businesses have the great benefit of low upfront cost and overhead, and I have all the tools I need to get this thing going – so in theory, it should be 90% profit.

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I will double down on writing

For the past two years, writing has paid my rent and food during most months – and that is just such a luxury. I have fallen off a bit lately after switching jobs and kind of running out of worthwhile ideas to write about programming – but there is so much else to write about. I just need to shape my ideas and thoughts into a coherent flow, and I am halfway there.

So, 2022 will also be the year of writing consistently for me, and maybe I can get my own website going to the point where it pays consistently – I don’t need a lot to cover rent and food.

I want to still lack a plan by year’s end

I know that this whole article is me making some plans – but I am talking about how wild and quirky my life has been in the past two years. I rarely ever know on Monday what I will do on the weekends, but I rarely have a full weekend to myself because something always comes up. Heck, things come up during the week, at night or in the mornings – that’s the beauty of knowing people from all walks of life and age brackets.

So really, apart from pouring work into my own projects, I want to keep floating through life and allow myself to be pulled into all kinds of fun projects that my friends have going on – it has worked out fine this far. Life never gets boring when you are surrounded by interesting people.

I will document my journey

I really miss the internet of maybe a decade ago, there were so many great blogs about personal life journeys and such – it was hard to get bored. But these days, I find it much harder to name blogs that I would remember the domain name of, manually check in from time to time, or even subscribe via email – the average blog these days is way too much poisoned by SEO and money making.

Now, I could complain about that, but I could also try and provide a counter weight in the form of writing a blog that I would like to read. So that is the plan, writing both monthly updates on my progress, as well as general posts about life, love and laughter, or simply put: the wrenches that life throws into my spokes.

So if that’s your thing, then maybe my blog can provide some fun experiences over the course of the next year, we will see about that.

I want my farm job back

I have pretty much always worked side jobs, summer jobs, odd jobs through the years, if not permanently then at least intermittently. Construction yard, farm work, event location construction, delivering pizza or assembling electric cigarettes – there is so much life you can get paid to experience.

Of all those, I really liked the farm job best, because it was one of those that never really become routine. One day you are splitting wood, the next it’s repairing a tractor, welding a gate, or spending long hard summer days on a harvester. I loved that job, I want it back, and I now finally live in the right environment to make that pipe dream an achievable dream again. We will see about that, but really, I can see myself having fun that way still, so I want to at least try it again.

Takeaway: 2022 will be an interestingly boring year

After the decade behind me, I really enjoy the thought of spending the next decade differently – I am kind of done with the needlessly hectic world I left behind. Nobody has thrown glass bottles at me from passing cars, nobody has stolen or vandalized things I own – and I still haven’t gotten bored with life. I don’t mind the fun and quirky, the ever-changing inconsistencies of life – but I can do without the unnecessary time wasters along that way.

So here’s to 2022 being a delightfully boring year, at least in terms of major setbacks.



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