Beginner Coding Projects To Make Money From

Beginner Coding Projects To Make Money From


How in the world are spreadsheets relevant here, you may ask, and featured so prominently, even?

Well, to understand how powerful a tool spreadsheets really are you have to step back from this feeling of having known them all your life, and found them boring for most of it.

What a spreadsheet really is is one of the core concepts of programming, available to everyone even without technical knowledge: They are pretty much databases, and all programming is built on data and databases.

Not only can you use them as actual databases (for example python can connect to Google Sheets and give you a cloud database), the more important part is that they can act as a product of their own.

You can probably find a way to sell a spreadsheet, as long as you have quality data. Want an example? I have a spreadsheet full of resources that I use to find freelance writing gigs, and you probably just got notified that you’ll get it as a bonus for signing up to my mailing list. That list saves you hours of research time, and that is a valuable product.

If you have access to data that others don’t, either for time or skill reasons, then you have a product, and your average run of the mill spreadsheet may just be your way to sell it.

So where do you get that data from? Well, for example you could generate it with web scrapers, or find a way to repackage existing APIs into a format that is digestible for non-programmers – that, by the way is a whole other way of generating income.

Social Media automation

If you know Python you can add to that a quick course on Selenium, and now you can automate web browsers. At the very least this can save you a lot of repetitive work on things you’re doing anyway, but it can also open the door for some proper workflows that you did not have access to before.

You can post and reblog, automate blogs, have a twitter running on autopilot, all kinds of sharing posts to the various social media outlets – there is a lot here if you bring the salsa (idea).

You could add to that idea easily, for example I have a python tool that generates quote images from backgrounds and quotes, and I changed it so that it can easily do poems as well. That is just one of the many ideas that you could set up, and if you were to now share those posts to Reddit, Tumblr, twitter and Instagram you’re suddenly looking at an automated blog account, that could drive traffic to your website or affiliate offers.

Image editing automation

Python is the perfect language to do a variety of repetitive tasks on images (and other things of course) – like for example adding watermarks.

You can tinker a bit with a library called PIL that can read, overlay and edit images. Now you can set up something like having one folder where your source images are located, and a second folder where the edited ones land. Put a watermark in the bottom right, or a filter on top, or slightly enlarge the frame and put a white background behind – now you have a little white frame around your image.

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I have actually „sold“ this to a friend of mine who is a photographer, by setting up a looped script on my computer that goes over a shared Google Drive folder where she uploads her images and gets the converted files back five minutes later. I didn’t take money from her for that, but I could have sold that as a proper service and maybe even hooked it up to an online website if I really wanted to.

Static websites

A static website is a very secure, very simple-in-nature kind of website that is „unhackable“ since it is only a page of HTML that exists, with no dynamic content. I recommend Jekyll for a page builder as I have found it the easiest to work with, and it gives you full control over things like placing ads or things like that.

So how does a site like that make money? Well, this very blog here could easily be a static website if it weren’t running on WordPress like a Schmug, and almost any kind of website can be static if you put your mind behind it. You can place banner ads, affiliate links, or links to your YouTube videos. You can sell your books and Amazon products, and link out to sites like Udemy or wherever you host your expensive online courses comprised of freely available material. The world is an oyster.

In our context, the most interesting option would probably be to sell your other products from this list, for example you could hook up a simple button from Stripe or Paypal and send an email with your spreadsheet to every paying customer. Mailchimp does automations, and if your product is digital as either a file or a link then you can use the purchase-email from all the payment gateways to deliver it. Or you put it up on gumroad and place a button to the gumroad page on your website, the options are nearly endless.

Takeaway: There are quite a few beginner coding projects to make money from

What I love about programming is how simple some of the options are that we have to make money, as long as we have the idea and a know how to get our product to a paying customer. You can use things like stripe, gumroad, paypal and even newsletter platforms like substack or Patreon to sell your product, and after that it’s „just“ a matter of connecting the right idea to the people who need it.

But the actual work could be as simple as a console application, a webscraper, or a spreadsheet on steroids.



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